Medical Equipment Manufacturer Services


As a leading UK contract manufacturer of sterile and non-sterile medical supplies, Meridian Medical specialises in injection moulding, cleanroom assembly and full end-to-end medical device project management.

Injection Moulding

Cleanroom Assembly

Full device project management

Medical device manufacturer services

As a contract manufacturer of disposable medical devices, including orthopedic equipment, catheter supplies, line sets and a variety of injection moulded components, Meridian Medical offers a range of services, including:

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About how Meridian Medical works with medical companies that want an established and experienced medical device manufacturer specialising in the sterile and non sterile medical device development and supply.

Consistently outstanding feedback from surgeons across the world

Working with a partner that truly listens to what is important to you is fantastic. When that partner can also add their knowledge and experience to further improve on your design, magic happens.

Case study: Solving offshore supply issues

How Meridian Medical quickly and efficiently resolved the production problems one company was experiencing with an overseas supplier.

Case study: Supporting in-house production

How Meridian Medical works as an extension of in-house manufacturing operations to extend a customer’s production capacity.

Resources: Medical device manufacturing news and insight

News and insight into the world of medical device production and the contract manufacturing of medical products.

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