Medical Equipment Cleanroom Manufacturing

Manufacturing medical devices in a cleanroom environment

Medical equipment manufacturing and assembly facilities that include nearly 852m² of purpose-built cleanrooms which are certified to ISO class 7.

Cleanroom facilities

Our first 2 cleanrooms constructed in 2001 are dedicated to the manufacturing, assembly and packaging of sterile and non-sterile medical devices.

There are then four additional ISO Class 7 assembly cleanrooms for more specialised device production. These rooms have drills, printers,  and induction forming machinery for catheter production , plus large rotatory Radio Frequency (RF) welding units and tube cutting equipment.

All cleanroom production areas are regularly validated to ensure they meet customers’ strict standards and are routinely and rigorously inspected by the microbiological team to ensure they meet the required levels of product cleanliness.

Injection Moulding

Full device project management


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