Cleanroom Medical Injection Moulding

Meridian Medical injection moulding services are used to create a wide range of medical devices, many of which are made from our large number of stock materials. Our moulding machines are housed within a class 8 cleanroom, and operate 24 hours a day.

Our 12 state-of-the-art, injection moulding machines range from 5 tonnes to 220 tonnes.

In addition, we have a superb six-axis Fanuc M10 robot, widely known to be the perfect solution for all small handling jobs and offering super fast handling, pick, place and machine tending operations.

Using the very best, most up-to-date, equipment enables operators to injection mould parts, which can then be thoroughly inspected and tested for dimensions using the latest digital measuring equipment.

Meridian Medical injection moulding machines are:

  • Boston Mathews (5 Tonne)
  • Engel E-Motion 310/55 (55 Tonne)
  • Engel E-Max 310/100 (100 Tonne)
  • Engel E-Max 310/100 (100 Tonne)
  • Engel E-Max 200/50 (50 Tonne)
  • Engel E-Max 200/50 (50 Tonne)
  • BOY PVC ONLY (22 Tonne)
  • BOY 22E (22 Tonne)
  • BOY 35E (35 Tonne)
  • BOY 35E (35 Tonne)
  • Fanuc Roboshot 130i (130 Tonne)
  • Fanuc Roboshot 220i (220 Tonne)
  • Fanuc M10 Robot

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"Our relationship with colleagues at Meridian is both professional and supportive and I have no hesitation in recommending them as a manufacturing partner." Dr Tim Craft, Director, Anaesthetic Medical Systems Ltd

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