About Meridian Medical Device Manufacturers

Meridian Medical is an established family business which began in 1988 as an injection moulding company.

Over the years, we have developed to specialise in sterile and non-sterile medical product design, development and manufacture, producing a wide range of medical devices, assemblies, kits and components.

As a family-run medical supplies company, customer service and satisfaction have always been top of our list of priorities. We aim to achieve the very best value and quality for designers and developers of medical devices, who in turn are looking to offer the same to their customers. As such, we provide surgical supplies and medical devices that are cost efficient, innovative and effective.

Our customers regularly comment on our speed of response, interest in their project and understanding of what they want to achieve. We also take pride in our years of expertise, which medical device companies find invaluable when using us on a consultative basis to bring new products to market.

The benefits Meridian Medical can bring you include:

  • Product Quality - As a leading UK medical device manufacturer our aim is to ensure we design and produce the very best medical supplies. We strongly believe that achieving the highest standards in medical equipment safety, security, and reliability is crucial.
  • Excellent Customer Service - We are renowned for great communication, reliability and the utmost reassurance, with any problems dealt with promptly and always to your satisfaction.
  • Innovation - We are inventive and remain consistently up-to-date with the changing requirements of medical devices companies, embracing change and technological advances.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Government Support - As leading medical device manufacturers we ensure adherence to product safety standards and regulatory compliance throughout our operation.
  • Cost Effectiveness - Our aim is to overcome the burgeoning cost of product development while still bringing the very best medical product design and manufacture to the market.

As a family-run medical supplies company, we take pride in our fantastic team of experts, who work closely together to ensure the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction.

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