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Your choices regarding cookies (addendum)

In order to ensure you get the best possible visitor experience on this website we use cookies and there is currently no mechanism within the cookie pop-up to allow you to control which cookies are operational.

This is obviously opposite to the first statement above but the cookie policy text is automatically generated by the system we use and we can’t change it. The fact is that we embarked on allowing the user to have control over individual cookies only for it to cause problems with the website for our visitors. It wasn’t possible for some people to send messages, for other users areas of the website wouldn’t work properly and we find it unacceptable that our visitors, existing clients and potential new customers should have their website experience affected when we are not doing anything to jeopardise the privacy or security of visitors to our website.

No personal information is stored within the website and we never sell or share data with anyone outside of the organisation. We use cookies responsibly to ensure you get the best experience.

Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your interest in our business.

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