At Meridian Medical we take our responsibilities towards the protection of the environment very seriously, and also the wellbeing of our staff. We have a number of measures in place to fulfil that commitment and will continue to improve and add to them for many years to come.

Reducing Energy Consumption & Emissions

We aim to minimise our energy and water usage, including the installation of 320 Solar PV panels at our cleanroom production facility to counterbalance increased working hours and energy costs, while continuously monitoring our utilities for further reductions.

Wastage Disposal & Recycling

All waste material that can be recycled is and we ensure that our own packaging and shipping materials are also recyclable and reusable.

Cardboard packaging, such as boxes and pallets, is reused for both dispatch and storage purposes. There are several recycling points throughout the building to ensure staff recycle whatever they can.

Packing medical supplies sustainably
Meridian Medical warehouse
Medical products in the Meridian Medical warehouse

Health and Safety

We take the wellbeing of our staff extremely seriously and have a dedicated Health and Safety representative who ensures that all regulations are strictly adhered to. In addition, we will never condone any form of discrimination, physical or verbal abuse, or harassment.

Our workforce is given details of their rights via our Employee Handbook and all staff are made aware that there is an approachable point of contact, should they encounter any concerns.

Ethical Trading

We believe that it is important to consider the social and economic impacts of key suppliers in the supply chain when sourcing goods and services. We also audit our supply chain to ensure sustainable practices are followed.

Additionally, we comply with the Modern Slavery Act and do not condone the use of unethical practices, such as child labour or any form of enforced labour.

Meridian Medical complies with international anti-bribery standards and will not offer services, gifts or benefits to employees of other organisations, in order to influence their conduct in representing any aspect in the product life cycle of our products.

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