Medical Leak and Block Testing

Leak and block testing machinery

Leak and Block Testing

Highly effective leak and block testing to locate excess glue, flash or overspill from ultrasonic joints.

Testing for leakages and blockages

All of the Meridian Medical production areas use the latest Furness controls leak and block testing machinery.

The machines provide a quick and effective means of testing medical devices for any manufacturing defects, such as leaks, holes, blockages and glue overspill.

Dry, filtered air is passed into the medical devices and held at a set pressure. The machinery then measures the loss of pressure over time to calculate if the medical device is leaking air.

The same leak and block testing machinery can also pass air through a medical device and calculate if the pressure is too high, indicating a blockage.

This highly effective leak and block test can find excess glue, flash, or overspill from ultrasonic joints.

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