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The benefits of working with a contract manufacturer of medical devices

The benefits of working with a contract manufacturer of medical devices

The decision to outsource any part of your operation to a contractor is not one to be taken lightly. Involving other parties in what is essentially your business can seem like a daunting prospect. But do your research thoroughly, choose wisely and you will reap many benefits that will ultimately outweigh any doubts you had at the start.

Here are some major benefits of outsourcing all or part of your operation to a contract manufacturer of medical devices, whether it’s manufacturing, assembly, product development or the whole lot.

  • Cost-efficiency gains – the cost of operating in-house medical device manufacturing facilities can be prohibitive. Establishing and operating such facilities requires substantial investment, which restricts your ability to allocate capital to other areas of your business. Working with an experienced contract manufacturer of medical devices is a more cost-efficient production and development strategy.
  • Access to specialist expertise – when you choose to partner with a contract manufacturer of medical devices, you are guaranteed access to a highly experienced, specialist workforce that is familiar with and fully invested in the latest technology and processes. As a result, you do not have to bear the costs of employee recruitment, onboarding, retention and reward.
  • Advanced technology – by using a contract medical device manufacturer for your medical device production, assembly and related development, you benefit from access to the latest technology. This strategy removes your need to spend on the costly purchase, maintenance and upgrading of equipment.
  • End-to-end service – a contract manufacturer of medical devices that can offer a complete end-to-end service makes life a lot less complicated. Find a contract manufacturing partner that offers the full range of services, from design for manufacturing through to medical product assembly, as well as packaging, storage and dispatch and much more, and you will have a perfect solution for all of your medical supplies needs.
  • Increased capacity – market demand can fluctuate, which can put pressure on supply and in-house manufacturing capacity. A contract medical device manufacturer will have the operational capacity to manage changes in order sizes and the storage capacity to hold components and raw materials so that you can quickly and efficiently react to spikes in demand.
  • Improved product quality – when you outsource your medical device manufacturing and assembly to a contract medical device manufacturer, you benefit from specialist expertise and state-of-the-art technology. Furthermore, your product work is carried out in strict accordance with national and international standards. This gives you a clear advantage in today’s increasingly global marketplace, in which compliance with multiple standards is vital.
  • Quick resolution to issues – problems with products happen but what makes a company stand out from the crowd is how these issues are addressed and resolved. By partnering with a highly experienced contract medical device manufacturer, you can be confident that remedial work occurs swiftly and efficiently, without affecting schedules or profits.
  • More time to focus on innovation and growth – when you work with a contract medical device manufacturer, you free up more resources to dedicate to other areas of your business. You can spend more time and money investing in innovation and the development of your products and company.
  • A more efficient, more profitable business – when you are taking higher-quality products to more markets using a cost-efficient production strategy, you will in turn be improving operational efficiency, build long-lasting customer relationships and generate sales growth. Find out how working with Meridian Medical achieved this for Anaesthetic Medical Systems.

Meridian Medical is an established and experienced contract medical equipment manufacturer, specialising in a wide range of medical device design, development and supply services.

To find out more about how Meridian Medical can help you with your medical product design and manufacture, get in touch today by filling out our online form, calling us on 01903 732344 or emailing info@meridian-medical.com.

Published 08/01/2019


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