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Medical device manufacturing at Meridian Medical in 2020

Medical device manufacturing at Meridian Medical in 2020

It is impossible to look back at 2020 without mention of the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 has defined the year for the medical device manufacturing industry and Meridian Medical, as it has for every other industry and every other company.

Our ability to keep going throughout is in no small part thanks to the herculean efforts of our employees, many worked throughout lockdown, enabling us to meet the spike in demand for medical supplies that was triggered by the pandemic.

Covid-19 and how it impacted us and our industry

The impact of Covid-19 on our industry and our company has been broadly twofold – a surge in demand for certain medical products in the months after the lockdown was announced, followed by a steep dropoff in business in the autumn.

We were able to react to the sharp rise in demand, expanding our capacity quickly to ensure that we were able to meet all of our customers’ needs. This was possible in part because of the dedication of our workforce, whose commitment was humbling and inspiring, and partly as a result of the frameworks and facilities we have in place.

How we rose to an extraordinary challenge in 2020

The ability to manage changes in order volumes is a key pillar of our strategic focus and this capability was put to the test in the months after the pandemic hit, which brought a dramatic increase in demand for medical products.

We are proud to say that we passed this test with flying colours – our systems worked, our staff stepped up with unflinching commitment and we continued to provide high standards of service and get orders out the door.

This performance was a vindication of the continued investment we have made in our facilities, technology and workforce over the last three decades and more. Notably, in this last year, we have benefited from having an increased medical cleanroom capacity, following the completion of our seventh medical cleanroom in 2020.

The impact of hospital stockpiling on us and the medical industry

The initial dramatic increase in demand for medical products was followed by an equally pronounced downturn in the autumn. The widespread cancellation of hospital operations as a result of Covid-19 led to the stockpiling of medical supplies, which had a knock-on effect on procurement from companies such as ours.

This has been a low for the industry and for us in a number of ways, not least as it coincided with the closure of the government’s furlough scheme. Many companies had to make tough decisions in order to secure their futures and, unfortunately, this included us.

An extraordinary year and our view on 2021

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a year like no other. The impact of Covid-19 has been extraordinary and, of course, in the months that have followed, there have been bumps along the road. There may be more.

But, at the same time, the coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated to us that our development strategy, and in particular our investment planning and infrastructure, has been focused on the right areas. We can look ahead with security and strength.

It has been a tough year for us, as it has been for most, but it has shown us that our company is built on strong foundations, that we are resilient and that we are ready to meet the challenges and take the opportunities that 2021 presents.

Meridian Medical is an established and experienced contract medical equipment manufacturer specialising in a wide range of medical device design, development and supply services.

To find out more about how Meridian Medical can help you with your medical product design and manufacture, get in touch today by filling out our online form or contacting us on 01903 732344 or info@meridian-medical.com.

Published 15/12/2020
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