Assembly of Medical Components and Medical Supplies

Having a well-designed product is one of the key steps to manufacturing a fully functioning medical device, but if it is assembled poorly, or in the incorrect environment, the medical product design can only count for so much.

Meridian Medical prides itself on using the most effective and state-of-the-art medical clean room assembly techniques, ensuring devices are produced to the highest quality in the most efficient manner.

The medical clean room assembly team has years of experience in assembling and packaging all varieties of sterile and non-sterile devices.

From single components to complex multipart assemblies and procedure packs, we can suggest the most appropriate assembly and packaging systems.

Each device we produce is subject to rigorous quality control inspections. All in-process checks are documented and are stored for the complete life of the device.

Ensuring your device reaches its end user in perfect condition is also a key aspect of good manufacturing.

No hesitation in recommending Meridian Medical

"Our relationship with colleagues at Meridian is both professional and supportive and I have no hesitation in recommending them as a manufacturing partner." Dr Tim Craft, Director, Anaesthetic Medical Systems Ltd

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